Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Our House

Well it is official we have a contract on the house and we have to be out by the 28th of March. In the worst housing market in 30 years we sold our house in 10 days for the full asking price. It seems surreal. For months now we have been waking up to NPR on the radio with story after story of how bad the housing market has collapsed and how the economy is in a tail spin. I am happy that we are the exception.
But just to show what a wonderful sense of humor God has we have to be out in a little over 3 weeks. One of those weeks is a pretty busy week for priests called HOLY WEEK. Now don't
get me wrong we are not complaining, just trying to enjoy the wonderful light hearted nature of our God. We are really going to miss this house. Penny and I have lived in it longer than we have lived in any other place together. We got used to the changing seasons and the comfort of having a home. We loved watching the life and death struggle of the aphids, river birch and lady bugs and the hatching of a new generation of preying mantis. It has been a great house and in 23 days it will become a memory; that place we lived when we were in Athens.
Yesterday was also the day I mailed our work and temporary residency permits to Namibia. In case you are wondering how much it cost to send documents to Namibia from Athens via DHL it was $89.

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