Monday, April 28, 2008

U ha pandula novake

U ha pandula novake, I am told by my friend Lukas is a proverb in the Namibian language of Ohsikwanyama. I means that if you have great and good things done to you and you do not appreciate then, you are bound to steal one day!
This simple proverb is like so many other proverbs in that it seems so simple to begin with and then continues to expand the more you think about it. In this case the relationship between thankfulness and theft. This proverb suggests that our daily exercise of being thankful or not has future consequences for our life. If we are not thankful it leads us on a path to stealing in the future.
But I think that there are more present realities in this proverb. In many ways if we are not thankful for what we are given we are stealing right now. We are appropriating things for ourselves that we did not create and acting like we did. We are acting as if we created all of our wealth and in this way we are really stealing from God.

In this line of though Penny and I want to publicly thank everyone who has supported us up to this point. Before we leave we will publish a list but for now from the bottom of our heart thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

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