Friday, May 30, 2008

Out of Athens

I am sorry that it has been so long since my last post. We have not had home internet service since the beginning of April and work has been hectic to say the least. Last Sunday the 25th was my last Sunday at St. Timothy's Church. We had a great 4 years there and will miss all our friends. It was a sad farewell but one that saw me stand on the pulpit to remind everyone again that God loves them more than anything.
The next month will be another busy one. We are in Birmingham and Gadsden for a few days before we leave for NYC. We will be on Staten Island for 2 weeks at the Episcopal Church Mission Orientation. It is also known as "How to not make a complete fool of yourself in a foreign country, but you're going to anyway but at least we tried" We will be there till the 16th of June. As part of the orientation we will be going to the Everyone Everywhere Conference in Baltimore. So far over 350 people have registered for the conference. Check out their page and make plans to come. It's not too late.
I will be preaching at St. Peter's Church in Chelsea, NYC on Sunday the 15th of June about our upcoming work in Namibia.
We will be leaving for Namibia on June 23rd. We are scheduled to arrive in Windhoek on June 25th.
I will be posting more stories about our last days in Athens, including how St. Timothy's took up a gold offering and people actually gave their gold teeth. Peace.

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