Sunday, June 1, 2008

Quick Update

This morning Penny and I are on our way to NYC for Mission Orientation. We will be in NYC until the 16th. Yesterday we sold our last large item, our car, at a yard sale. This is the second time we have sold a car at a yard sale and we are really happy to have that out of the way.
On another note some people have been asking me for our address in Namibia. So far this is what we have; Our physical address is 19 Love Street Windhoek, Namibia (no zip codes in Namibia) we don't know what our PO Box will be because there is no local mail delivery in Namibia, we will have to pick up anything send via USPS. You will also need a phone number, which we do not have yet, to mail the package. DHL is also an option but very expensive. You could also mail things to St. George's Anglican Cathedral PO Box 65 Windhoek, Namibia. We should have access to that fairly soon.
Anyway, keep us in your prayers. We are trying to write thank you notes as quickly as we can but there are lots so if you haven't gotten one, and you have contributed to our cause please know how much we appreciate it and we will be thanking you personally as soon as we can.
Until then you can check out our new website hosted but the Diocese of Alabama We are still working on it and Deacon Dave Drachlis is the rock star behind it. We can not thank you enough Dave.
We will be in touch as soon as possible. Peace, Jeremy

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