Friday, April 23, 2010

Mother's Day, Almost

I know that it is still a week from Mother's Day and I should probably wait to post this but I have time today. I have been very slow in getting this post together. It is from my Mom's visit to Namibia in March. She came for two weeks and we tried to show her as much as possible in that time. After a less than warm welcome in the Airport in Germany she finally made it to Namibia. After a couple of days to recover from the 36 hours of travel, we took her to Etosha and she saw almost every animal there is to see. She even saw a Cheetah in the wild on her second day. People go for years of their life, who live here, and never see a Cheetah. Lions, Elephants, Black and White Rhinos, Giraffes, Zebras, you name it and she saw it. Everything except a Leopard which are next to impossible to see in the daytime. We came back to Windhoek for a day and she got to meet everyone from the Church then we went to the Coast and visited Swakopmund. We spent part of our second day in Walvis Bay, climbing Dune 7 and driving out on Pelican Point, where we saw seals and flamingos, and did I mention getting stuck in the sand. Well it only took us an hour to get out. We should have called our friend Mike earlier. After we had tried everything I could think of his first question was, "Did you let the air out of the tires?" Glad we called Mike. It was an awesome trip and so good to see Mom in real life and not just on Skype. It has been a long year and the trip was just what was needed. I have added a few more photos to a Picasa Web album that you can link to here. Hope everyone has a great day. Peace, J

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